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k-pak folding boat unfolds from a backpack in minutes

  the portable, folding boat market is always welcoming new additions, including launches like the ‘ORU kayak’, and spark design’s ‘rescue tip-board’. these vessels often rely on either folding or inflatable hardware to reduce to a trunk or carry case size.…

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10 Cozy Spots Perfect for Reading With Kids (10 photos)

We continue our coziest series with one of the coziest activities you can do during the colder months — reading to kids. There are so many snug nooks, tucked-away crannies, fluffed-up window seats, comfy sofas, inviting daybeds, cheerful playhouses, sheltered…

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Baseball Equipment for the Win (17 photos)

Whether your favorite team made it to the World Series this year or not, you can root for them at home by incorporating baseball equipment into your decor year-round. Bats, baseballs, gloves, stadium seats and scoreboards step up to the…

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