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How to Waste Less Food (9 photos)

Nobody wants to waste food, but most of us do it — in fact, quite a lot. The average American wastes 20 pounds of food per month, according to the United Nations. If you’re like me, you’d…

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3 Red-Hot Fireplace Makeovers (10 photos)

Cherry and magnolia trees are blooming in the southern part of the country — our days of crackling fires this winter are numbered. So if you’ve been wanting to give your surround a refresh, it’s a good time to start…

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The 10 Stages of DIY (11 photos)

We’ve all been there. You have big plans for a project around the house. It’s taken a while to get your ideas together and then one day, it’s all clear — you’re ready to tackle it. Here are 10 common…

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Houzz Tour: Redwood Misfit Gets a Midcentury Makeover (17 photos)

Hidden behind a block wall in the Yaple Park district of Phoenix was a house rife with mystery and mischief. Designed by architect Rich Fairborn in the 1980s, the redwood-covered two-story structure featured abundant curves — and plenty of decay…

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Platform 5 Architects completes shingle-clad home overlooking a private lagoon

Backwater by Platform 5 Architects

This house in the Norfolk Broads by Platform 5 Architects features steeply pitched gables and shingle cladding intended to reference traditional boat sheds found alongside the surrounding waterways. Read more

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Houzz Call: Show Us Your Home’s Exterior Makeover (4 photos)

A home’s exterior is its visual welcome — and, ideally, a reassuring sight when you return from a long day. Thankfully, it’s also something you can improve if you’re not quite happy with it. If you’ve made enhancements to boost…

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