December 2016

Readers Get Creative With Their Basements (20 photos)

Winter is the season for hunkering down and staying home, at least for those of us who live in places where the weather turns chilly. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a warm and cozy cave to hibernate in during…

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The 10 Most Popular Houzz Stories of 2016 (10 photos)

The end of the year is all about taking the time to look back before looking forward. This collection of the most popular articles featured on Houzz in 2016 — as measured by the number of views — offers…

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Shop Houzz: Front Door Decor Under $75 (151 photos)

A fabulous front door extends a warm welcome and sets the tone for a cheerful space. Lay the foundation with a charming doormat and wreath, then add accents like inviting lighting and outdoor furnishings. You’ll find everything you need for…

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The Most Popular Balcony and Terrace Photos of 2016 (10 photos)

From Hawaii to South Carolina, New York to Italy, this year’s most popular balconies and terraces offered many views and a wide range of sizes. But the one thing they all had in common: Picturing yourself outside to take in…

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WowHaus Top 50 of 2016: The most popular properties of the year (numbers 10 – 1)

So here it is, the big one. The WowHaus Top 50 of 2016, the most popular property finds of the year on the WowHaus site has reached numbers 10 through to number 1. If you missed the previous instalments, do…

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Soak Up Ideas From the Year’s Most Popular Urban Gardens (15 photos)

In the last year, the urban gardens that have really grabbed people’s attention on Houzz have a number of characteristics in common. All are stylish, contemporary and maximize space for outdoor living. Many have calming color palettes, such as deep…

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