October 2017

Enjoy Your Pumpkins Beyond Halloween (8 photos)

Pumpkins play an integral part of celebrating fall holidays. Artfully carved jack-o’-lanterns welcome costumed children to our doorsteps, while whole pumpkins add a festive air to tabletops and other spots around our homes. Once the trick-or-treaters h...

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12 Ways to Hide a Flaw on the Wall (21 photos)

Have a wall that needs a little work? How about a necessary blemish you can’t get rid of but don’t love to look at? Here are 12 ways to hide thermostats, awkward windows, garish brick and other pesky flaws that…

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This Storybook Sauna Heats Up by Smartphone (12 photos)

When Bjarne Johansen isn’t sitting high above the ground thatching houses around Denmark, he has fun building inventive structures in his own backyard. A homemade sauna is just one of the creations in his large garden in the village of…

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Get Into the Spirit of Halloween (121 photos)

’Tis the season to celebrate all things that go bump in the night: wispy specters of departed spirits, the creepy-crawlies of our nightmares and darkly elegant gothic ghouls. And while most of them are more fun than frightening, you can’t…

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Feed the Bees With These Enchanting Winter Blossoms (10 photos)

Halloween’s arrival means it’s time to set out treats for little ghosts, fairy princesses and bees. Yes, bees. Plant now for blooms in winter and early spring that will feed pollinators. As a bonus, these beauties are easy to care…

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Five Ways Co-ops Are Countering Corporate Power in Cities

(Photo by Curtis Cronn) As local economies suffer from market concentration in economic sectors ranging from retail to banking, cooperatives across industries are helping to strengthen communities and keep resourc...

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